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Brief History of Malaysia. Very Brief.

Malaysia is a diverse country with many different races, culture and religion. During the British colonization era, slaves from China and India were brought in to mine the natural resources of Malaya ( Malaysia, now ). In 1957, British relinquish it’s grasp for power and return it to Malaya in exchange for the Chinese and Indian to be given citizenship and the rest is history! Singapore was also part of Malaysia in 1963 until they decided to leave in 1965.

That explains the similar culture, food and language. We might bicker a lot, but deep down we share a lot of similarities and when we are abroad ( especially in Saigon), we care about each other and treat each other as one. 

Malaysia Truly Asia

Who are Malaysians?

The main races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Malay makes up the majority at 67.4% , Chinese at 24.6% and Indian at 7.3%. With such diverse races – comes diverse culture. The society of Malaysia have been described as “Asia in Miniature”. We constantly celebrate our uniqueness as foreigners are constantly confused at race makeup of our country. 

There are many other more culture and races that we celebrate in Malaysia but being a complex multiracial society, that topic is a story for another day. 

Real People

Any nice places to visit in Malaysia?

Malaysia has many beautiful places to visit and eat. Malaysia is known for its wide variety of street food. Being a multicultural country, our food is very diverse from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Portugese influence. The mixture of different races bring food that are very different from other country as it gives us a very unique identity

As for places to visit, we have very broad range – from towering skyscrapper, modern shopping malls, street food heaven, historical sites from colonial era and of course beautiful beaches and dive site. Sipadan in Sabah is dubbed the Maldives of Asia for it’s pristine waters, colorful corals and have been voted as one of the best dive location in the world. 

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One of the best street food in South East Asia

Malaysian Food

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